About The Artist

Flight simulator 1989 (70cm x 70cm)

simulator (50 x 50)
Born January 1949 in Kerkrade Netherlands.
Information about Kerkrade:

Mid 1969 I passed the final examination for
electrical engineering of the HTS in Heerlen.

September 1969 I joined CAE Elektronik GmbH in
Stolberg Germany where I was employed for about
35 years in engineering flight simulation and training
equipment and in charge of hardware design.
Information about CAE:

From 2004 until 2014 I was employed at the NE3A
Airforcebase Geilenkirchen as crew chief flight
training equipment.
Info about NE-3A:
Starting beginning 1980 my main hobby is
mathematics and painting. I build a visual system in
C++ in order to visualise my ideas. Some of my
paintings were designed in VRML and Open FX as well.
Since my retirement in 2014 I concentrate on new
ideas for paintings and I am still living in Kerkrade.
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